Chipped teeth are a fairly common problem. If you or your child chip a tooth, call Pacific Dental Group at 559-324-9494 as soon as possible. We will schedule an emergency appointment for you right away so that you can receive the treatment you need.

When you call in, we will ask you several questions immediately to determine how serious the damage to your teeth is. These questions include:

Do you feel any pain?
A chipped tooth does not always lead to pain or discomfort. A small chip, for example, may go unnoticed until you brush or floss your teeth, while a larger chip may cause discomfort immediately. If you are in pain, call our office immediately to make an appointment with our dentist in Fresno, California.

Are you bleeding?
If you are bleeding, call us and make an appointment immediately. Bleeding could be a sign that the damage to your tooth is more extensive than what it appears. If you rinse your mouth out with warm salat water and the bleeding persists, come directly to our office.

Was it your tooth or your child’s?
Dr. Giai Pham is a family dentist, and we need to know the age of the person who injured their tooth. A patient’s age will directly influent our treatment recommendations. Children in particular tend to be more sensitive to discomfort, and we recommend that any damage be restored on the same day as the accident.