Your gums may bleed for a number of reasons. If you notice your gums bleeding, please contact Pacific Dental Group at 559-324-9494 to make an appointment with Dr. Giai Pham. We will examine your gums and mouth to determine the cause of your bleeding gums and provide treatment.

Gums may bleed due to irritation or as a symptom of a greater health concern, such as gum disease. We encourage you to keep an eye on your gum health and to contact us if you notice any signs of gum disease, including:

  • Bleeding gums
  • Swollen and tender gums
  • Red or irritated gums
  • Teeth that appear longer

As gum disease is linked to many oral and overall health problems, it is crucial that you maintain good oral hygiene at home and keep your regular dental appointments.

We also encourage you to be gentle when you brush your teeth. Aggressive brushing and flossing may cause your gums to bleed and become sensitive, and in some cases, it may lead to gum recession.

For more information about bleeding gums and to schedule a consultation with our dentist in Fresno, California, call our office today.